Integrated Financial Services is the Game Changer You Need

October 24, 2023

Picture your financial goals as the plays in a football game, where you’re the star player. Just like you have dreams of victory on the field, you have aspirations of a secure retirement, supporting your family’s dreams and leaving a lasting legacy. But how do you turn those goals into reality? The answer is working with a holistic financial advisor that can provide multiple, integrated services under one roof.

Tax-Smart Financial Planning
In football, the quarterback is the mastermind behind every play. They make intelligent decisions in the heat of the game, just as you need to make sound financial choices. Our financial and tax advisors act as your financial quarterbacks. They’re experts at assessing your tax situation, understanding the market and developing a strategy that not only navigates market fluctuations but also can implement strategies to minimize your taxes.

Investment Management
Investment management isn’t just about picking the right stocks. It’s about crafting a gameplan that matches your risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity needs. But it doesn’t stop there. At Wymer Brownlee, we don’t just manage your portfolio. We provide insightful coaching to help you make wise choices that align with your plans for financial independence. Working together, we’ll help you understand and manage the risks you face as an investor.

Family Independence Planning
In football, winning the championship (or any game) is the pinnacle of success. Retirement is your financial championship game, and it starts long before the final whistle. With a proactive plan that’s reviewed regularly, comfortable retirement is possible. If one day you choose to stop working, you can kick back (or tee off) and relax. Regardless of your stage in life, we’ll help you develop a clear vision on how you define retirement.

Family Risk Management
Think of this area in your financial plan as building a strong defense. In football, a strong defense is essential to halt the opposing team’s offense. Similarly, your financial plan needs a defensive strategy. Life can throw unexpected curveballs your way, and your financial plan should be ready to handle them. Your financial advisor can help see to it that your plan and your family aren’t caught off-guard by unforeseen events. Life happens. Your financial plan should be ready for it. Whether it’s a health crisis or a natural disaster, risks are part of the game.

Family Leadership Planning
In football, the Hall of Fame is where legends are forever remembered. Legacy planning makes certain that your values and priorities endure throughout life and are passed on to your children. Whether it’s through education, charitable giving or trust planning building a legacy can help ensure the next generation(s) of your family is supported.

Education Planning
Teams follow a playbook in football. Education planning is your playbook for life so that your children and grandchildren have the strategies (and funding) they need to pursue success. With recent tax law changes, education planning is not limited to college. It is important to discuss the educational options for both children and grandchildren and see how these options can affect cash flow, debt management and estate tax planning.

In conclusion, your financial life can sometimes mirror a football game… or maybe I’m just in football mode right now as school is back in session and the weather is starting to turn. At Wymer Brownlee, we offer integrated financial services and work hand-in-hand with our tax advisors to offer you a full financial team. If you have any questions, I’m just a phone call away.

Stephen O’Neill
Shareholder & Senior Wealth Advisor


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