Meet Our Financial Services Team

We’re experienced. Knowledgeable. Social. The list goes on.

Our team of professionals works diligently and collaboratively, providing a network of support as you plan for the future. Meet some of our dedicated specialists below.

Kyle Brownlee

CEO & Senior Wealth Advisor

Visionary. Family man. Ambitious. Inspirational. He’s a mover. A shaker. A fearless dream-maker.

Stephen O’Neill

Senior Wealth Advisor & Shareholder

Genuine. Caring. Professional. Baylor Bear. Favorite band? 3 Doors Down — no, Aerosmith — wait, Earth Wind and Fire — actually…

Aaron Waters

Wealth Advisor & Shareholder

Active. Personable. Generous. Fly fisherman. Golfer. Traveler. Mumford-and-Sons-lover.

Andrew Barnes

Wealth Advisor & Shareholder

Confident. Capable. Resourceful. Fan of the beach. Fan of his family. Fan of golf. To him, life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Vaughn Holcer

Senior Wealth Advisor

Traveler. Golf. Visitor of fine restaurants. He’s friendly, outgoing and honest. And honestly, he’s Vaughn of a kind.

Chuck Lipps

Wealth Advisor

Kind. Honest. Fun-loving. Pilot. Motorcyclist. He’d rather try something and fail than try nothing and succeed.

Linda Cooper

Client Relationship Coordinator

Honest. Dependable. Caring. Inspired by her family. Enjoys spending her free time fishing on a boat.

Neal Freeman, CFP®

Financial Strategist

Considerate. Intelligent. Athletic. Excited to learn something new. Inspired by helping others.

Kendyl Goecke

Client Relationship Coordinator

Intelligent. Adventurous. Creative. Passionate about helping others. Lover of OKC and her dog.

Heather Haynes

Client Services Manager

Authentic. Optimistic. Genuine. Motivated by doing good work. Strives for peace and harmony in her personal and professional life.

Jena McNaughton

Client Relationship Coordinator

Optimistic. Outdoorsy. Passionate. Green thumb gardener. Her kids inspire her to be the best version of herself.

Riley Pierce

Client Service Associate

Outgoing. Empathetic. Engaging. Always up for a challenge.

Kass McGrath

Client Relationship Coordinator

Athletic. Creative. Avid golfer. Enjoys being in nature. Involved in the Tulsa community.

Matthew Wedel

Financial Strategist

Eager. Energetic. Curious. Loves to be around his family. Spends his spare time on the golf course.

Waketa Wilson

Client Service Associate

Adventurous. Funny. Determined. Inspired by new ideas. Her interesting factoid is that she’s been on a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Keri Zeder

Client Relationship Coordinator

Caring. Athletic. Funny. Passionate about her family. Strives to be the best version of herself for her kids.

An experienced, reliable financial services team? Check.

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