Wealth Strategy Kickoff Confirmation

Thanks for scheduling your wealth strategy kickoff. This is primarily a discovery meeting, but the more information you can provide in advance, the more detailed and productive the session will be. Below are a few ways you can prepare.

Download and complete a wealth strategy kickoff form. Email it to your client service associate and wealth advisor prior to the meeting.

Print and bring copies of the following documents to the meeting:

  1. Last year’s federal and state income tax returns
  2. Your household budget (If you don’t have one in writing yet, don’t fret; we’ll help you build one. Simply bring copies of your recent pay stubs and information on current expenses and outstanding debt such as mortgages, auto loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.)
  3. Recent statements (less than 90 days old) for bank accounts, investments, 401(k) or other employer retirement plans
  4. Wills, trusts or other legal documents
  5. Active insurance policies (home, auto, umbrella, disability, life insurance, etc.)

Don’t be overwhelmed. Anything you’re unsure of or can’t locate, we’ll figure it out together. See you soon!