Client Service Coordinators

Working behind the scenes to bring your dreams to the forefront.

Our secret weapon? Our team of client service coordinators. Their secret weapon? An uncanny commitment to your success. And coffee.

Rita Johnson

Office and Tax Coordinator

Loyal. Compassionate. Sensitive. Passionate about serving her communities. Centered around her family and faith.

Renee Milne

Office and Tax Coordinator

Optimistic. Empathetic. Determined. Motivated by challenges.

Brianna Porter

Office Coordinator

Organized. Determined. Energetic - after 10 AM. Outdoor enthusiast and avid reader.

Kathy Burge

Office Coordinator

Crafty. Thoughtful. Warmhearted. Avid shoe collector. She’s motivated by her children.

Kass McGrath

Client Relationship Coordinator

Athletic. Creative. Avid golfer. Enjoys being in nature. Involved in the Tulsa community.

Waketa Wilson

Client Service Associate

Adventurous. Funny. Determined. Inspired by new ideas. Her interesting factoid is that she’s been on a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.